We make buying and selling easy


Are you looking for tenants?

We maintain a database of potential renters in all areas of Columbus and the surrounding areas.

If you need help finding a good renter, call us for help. We have an excellent history of finding tenants for our clients. We can provide you with recent references from clients we have helped.

What do we do?

We meet with you to discuss your rental needs, and if we can assist you.

Once we form a relationship, we sign a lease agreement with you, come to your property and discuss what improvements need made such as lawn care, cleaning, and repairs. We place a lock box on the door, and put a sign in the yard at that time. We also recommend vendors to get the work done for you quickly and at a reasonable price. When the work, if any, is completed, we do a comprehensive virtual tour, schedule an open house, and receive the applications for you. Some applications will come in pre open house. Other applications will come in at the open house(s.) 

Costs for you:

You pay for an extra set of keys, and cleaning and/or improvements, and our Realtor Fee.

Our fee is 9% of the total lease.

Please dowload the attachment to the right titled "How Do We Compare," to see how much more reasonable our fees are than traditional property management companies are.

If you call today, you'll have a renter in your property in under a month. The fee pays for itself by getting a tenant in half the time. That's one month rent you won't miss!

Call today and sit back while we find quality tenants for you!