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Investors in Columbus, Ohio

There are many types of investment opportunities in Columbus, Ohio. 

There are 15 universities and trade schools:


There are also many major employers.



All those universities and employers lead to the need for housing in both purchases and rentals.


My main three types of investment opportunity are:

1.) Buy rental properties and hold them.

You buy a property, complete whatever repairs need done, then rent the home out.

You can buy homes from $50k to $300k. Obviously if a house is cheaper it doesn't command as much rent. The higher the price, the higher quality tenants, and less hassle.


2.) Flipping houses.

Here is how I do my personal flips.

Find a house. 
Assess repairs with contractor and get a bid.
Buy the house.
Pay for repairs. 3-6 month turnaround. You always want the closing to occur after the 6 month market to utilize FHA loans, or you need two appraisals.   
Remarket the house.
Sell it. The goal is always to clear $15k or more.