Investors in Columbus, Ohio

There are many types of investment opportunities in Columbus, Ohio. 

There are 15 universities and trade schools:,_Ohio

There are also many major employers.


All those universities and employers lead to the need for housing in both purchases and rentals.


My main three types of investment opportunity are:

1.) Buy rental properties and hold them.

You buy a property, complete whatever repairs need done, then rent the home out.

You can buy homes from $50k to $300k. Obviously if a house is cheaper it doesn't command as much rent. The higher the price, the higher quality tenants, and less hassle.


2.) Flipping houses.

Here is how I do my personal flips.

Find a house. 
Assess repairs with contractor and get a bid.
Buy the house.
Pay for repairs. 3-6 month turnaround. You always want the closing to occur after the 6 month market to utilize FHA loans, or you need two appraisals.   
Remarket the house.
Sell it. The goal is always to clear $15k or more.