Rental FAQ's

Do you have an application fee? Yes. It’s $35.00 per person over 18. All tenants over 18 must be screened. Here is the application home page:                                                Here is the application:                           

How do I get an application? They are online, in the body of every listing. Just cut and paste it into your browser.

I don't have a computer. How do I apply? You need to make an appointment with us to meet and fill out out together. 

What is your screening process? You need to make 3 x the rent amount. No evictions, registered sex offenders, or drug distribution charges.

We require the following documentation prior to a decision:

1.) A copy of the front and back of your drivers license.

2.) Last two bank paystubs, or bank statements showing your income. 1099 employees need their last tax return. 

3.) Employment verification via phone call, or in writing.

4.) At least one written or verbal landlord verification. If you've never had a landlord, you may need either a co-signer or a professional reference.

5.) The $35 application fee for each adult. We run your credit, eviction, and criminal records. 

Do you take section 8? Yes. You must still have a gross monthly income equal or greater than two times the monthly rent.

Do you accept vouchers from the VA, Homeless Family Foundation, PRC, Hispanic Coalition, Shelter Board, etc..? Yes, but you can't move in until it is received. Additionally, you are help to the same standards as self pay applicants.

Do you accept evictions? No, we don’t accept evictions unless they are fully paid off with the previous landlord, and a reasonable explaination is provided. Our application does have a section that asks specifically for any information you feel would help your application. You write write any "extenuating circumstances" in that section.

Do you allow felons? We only have 3 hard NO’s.

  1. No evictions.
  2. No registered sex offenders.
  3. No drug distribution charges.

We take the best applicant for each property. So, even if you have none of the hard no’s. We may receive a better applicant, and that applicant may be chosen.

What about credit? We look at your credit report and each account. We don't have a specific credit minimum. We want to see that you pay your main bills. 

How much money is required to rent from you? We require 3 month’s rent.

  1. The rent lock, which is a one month rent fee that keeps us from raising your rent for a period of 12 months.
  2. The first month’s rent.
  3. The last month’s rent.


What is your minimum lease? All our leases are month to month. 

Why are your leases month to month? We find it’s better for all parties to be month to month.

On our end, we don’t have tenants sneaking out in the middle of the night, because they got relocated and don’t want to get sued for the balance of their lease.

On the tenant’s end; life throws curve balls. If you get a call that your mom just got ill in Florida and you need to move there NOW to help care for her, since your last month's rent was already paid, you just put your notice in, move,  and take care of her. No strings attached.

In fact, although we do not require security deposits we do offer a bonus and referral letter in writing for all positive exits.